Is this possible?

Hi, I’m new here and would need help in setting up a IM system for my organization. So what we need is an IM system that offers validation for messages between nodes like in the picture below. The red line indicates the ‘normal’ way of having a message between B and C (where there would be a server between the two processing the message). We need a system that allows us to look at the message sent from B and to either validate it (gets sent to C) or decline it (gets sent backto B, preferably with a message explaining why). It would also be great to be able to document the connections between nodes in some way (who connected with whom and the intensity of connections, who got declined, etc). The network would consist of approximately 100 nodes with moderate intensity message traffic, to give you guys a picture of the scale of the project. There would also be multiple people validating the messages (A) so the validation would need to be spread between two or more nodes.

So my question is that can this be done through openfire, and if so what are the best solutions and plugins to do so? Thanks already in advance for the help !


There is no such option or plugin for that for Openfire.

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Thanks for your answer! Since we still are in need of a validation system can you think of any way around it or maybe another service provider that offers that? Or if not then we’ll consider building that our selves. Cheers !

I’m not aware of such system and can’t think of a way to make Openfire operate like that the easy way. Of course using a chat system (Openfire or other) as a platform to build such system would be easier than doing everything from scratch.