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Is this possible?

Hi All,

Is the following groups configuration possible in Jive? if yes, will there be customizations required in smack ?

where Team X = groups

Team 1

-> Buddy A

-> Buddy B

-> Buddy C

-> Buddy D

Team 2

-> Buddy A

-> Buddy B

-> Buddy E

-> Buddy F

Team 3

-> Buddy A

-> Buddy B

-> Buddy G

-> Buddy H

thanks in advance,

It’'s possible to have one contact in more than one shared group. I dont understand what smack have to do with that.

I mentioned smack because I have to develop a custom client UI built on top of smack.

Ah, I have tested it with JBother and i think i see the problem. JBother (based on Smack) doesnt show one contact in more than one group. Instead it removes contact from first group and shows it in that group which contact was added to last.

E.g. Exodus is showing everything correctly. So Server part is doing well. So it have to be a Smack issue.

Hey Wroot,

I tried to reproduce this problem using Smack and I think that this might be a JBother issue rather than a Smack issue. You may want to contact Adam Olsen (the JBother developer) about this problem.


– Gato

ok, i will add this issue to a list of questions i have about JBother huh, just cant find enough free time to continue with clients new versions testing.