Is voice supported in the basic free client?

The subject line says it all.

Hey Mark,

The free client version has support for voice. It’s a P2P (peer-to-peer) solution that uses jingle. The commercial version adds support for SIP phones.


– Gato

Hi …

I’ve just installed spark 2.5.8 but don’t see a voice chat option.

You sure it’s in the free version ?

There might be an issue with it on Linux clients? Looking back through some older posts it appears that may be the case.

Certainly over here voice chat between Spark 2.5.8 installs on Windows XP Pro SP2 machines works fine, but when attempting to voice chat between Windows XP <-> Linux (Ubuntu AMD64) clients, the voice chat icon is nowhere to be seen. jingle is also not listed as an installed plugin in the Linux Spark Client plugins list.

ok but i don’t see a chat option my on spark client at all… and all our installs are on win32

the server is on linux, could that be the problem ?

Well, I’ve got a similar setup to yours - our Openfire 3.4.1 server is running on Ubuntu Linux. Our Windows clients can definitely voice chat with each other.

I’m only going to mention this because it initially caught me out as well, but to voice chat one has to first start a chat with a contact from the buddy list (unless I am missing something), then initiate a voice chat. The voice chat icon (the little telephone handset pic) is visible at the right most row of icons (send file, capture desktop etc). You then click on that and it will initiate a voice chat with the other party.

E.g. I double click on one of my contacts, which opens a new window to chat with that contact. The voice chat icon is then visible at top right of that window, which I then use to call up the other contact.

Failing that, I wouldn’t know what is wrong

then i must be loosing my mind as i simply don’t see a voice option, even as you suggest when starting a text chat first…

do i need to do anything serverside to enable voice for users or is it a default option ?

No, you shouldnt do anything at server. Are Spark versions latest? Voice button cannot appear if Spark is unable to determine whether voice connection is possible, i think. So, maybe there is some firewall/network problems.

Btw, SIP is no longer a commercial plugin, it’s available at Openfire plugins page.

yep, using spark 2.5.8, no firewall on server or clients…

my vista os does not have a voice icon at all, the mac os spark client does but the called is instantly rejected when trying to voice my vista spark client

i’ve setup the “Media Proxy Settings” correctly with 2 ip addresses but still no success.

i noticed sip was also now available, will give that a sip ASAP…

Hi. Did you ever get an answer to this? I have exactly the same problem on my LAN, two XP pro SP2 machines and the same on the server. I’ve allowed Spark through the firewall and I can text chat but no voice button. I’ve installed both the .exe and the .msi versions but no luck. Any advice?

we have recently experienced a similiar problem. Vista OS does not present the “Computer to Computer” icon and users clients instantly reject ‘calls’.

Has anyone discovered a solution?


I had this exact same problem. No voice call button in the client. This is how I fixed it:

Win XP SP2

  1. Uninstalled the Spark client from the Control Panel

  2. Deleted these two folders manually

  • c:\program files\spark

  • c:\documents and settings*username*\spark

  1. Downloaded the exe package with jre

  2. Reinstalled the Spark 2.5.8 client


Our Windows XP clients are able to use Computer to Computer between each other. The Windows Vista clients are unable to see the icon. XP request are rejected by Vista clients.

We uninstalled and deleted files and folders

Check the firewall for any obvious non-exception

Installed and started Spark using 'run as’administrator

All without any success… no love

Has another any further guidance for using Spark’s Computer to Computer vociechat between Vista users.

Have this exact same problem - your solution didn’t work for me.

Have responded elsewhere but will respond here too.

My server is running under Ubuntu 8.04 using JRE 6 and the debian Openfire package. All clients will be running on XP sp2 machines.

Is this similar to anyone elses setup and if so can you successfully use the voice chat?!

Voice chat works internally for me using free Spark client, XPSP2 to XPSP2 machine. Anything outside the firewall doesn’t work.

Well it started working for me.

All clients are part of a 2k3 domain - but the server is running under Linux. Once the Linux server joined the domain it all started working.

With Ubuntu 8.04 it was simple too. Just installed and ran Likewise Open.

See this Ubuntu howto.

Same here, openfire running on Ubuntu in all Windows Domain but my openfire server is not part of the domain.

Hey Drewdown - would be keen to know if this works for you too…

If what works for me?

VOIP from windows > windows does work for me running openfire on Ubuntu a windows domain. I did not join my openfire server to the domain but I do have another Ubuntu server joined to the domain for file sharing.

Sorry - ignore my above comment

Forthe voice chat to work externally my understanding is that you need to be running a STUN server. I’m not sure if there is one built in to Openfire but there is an Ubuntu package to install.

I’m sure that the STUN server needs 2 real, routable IP addresses though.