Is XIFF capable of this?

I am working on a CMS project which we would like to integrate some chat features. I am having some trouble finding API docs for XIFF but I think it is what I am looking for. Can it help me in creating the following:

  • User goes to an item’s page and needs to start or continue a discussion on that item.

  • User1 somehow creates a chat and invites other CMS user(s) to the chat which takes place for User1 inside that page using XIFF, but for User2, 3, etc… it takes place on whatever XMPP client they happen to be using.

  • The chat has a subject assigned by the CMS

  • The chat’s id is passed onto the CMS (perhaps through Ajax) so the CMS can log the chat id for future reference

Any direction to get me going on this would be much appreciated, it seems the ignite community has a lot going for it.



We’re working on integrating something very like this into Clearspace 2.1 using XIFF