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Is XIFF Dead?

Can someone comment on whether XIFF is dead?

I have posted countless questions and issues that I believe to be bugs in this forum (which by the way appears to be the only mechanism, however poor, available for support) and I have received almost no feedback whatsoever. The issue tracker says bugs should be posted here and someone will add them to issue tracker. But even though I have posted numerous ‘proposed’ bugs, I have not received either a refutation of my claims or any indication that they will be fixed. And when I look at the issue tracker, not only do none of my bugs appear there, but the ones that are there have mostly been open for a year or more with no resolution. At this point I have had to make so many changes to the XIFF code to fix or work around issues that I don’t even know if I can afford to upgrade if a new version ever comes out … which is looking increasingly doubtful.

Is anyone actually doing anything to this code base any more? Are there any plans to ever fix the problems or release an update?

The least you can do is provide full disclosure about its future and/or the resources (or lack thereof) assigned to it so people don’t get sucked in like I already have. I’m committed to this direction now, but it is beginning to look like I am going to have to maintain the code myself from now on.