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Issue after multiuserchat room creation

Hey all:

I am having an issue with multisuerchat room creation. When i create my own room, i goto #getOccupant(room@server/me), and i dont get anything back on myself. I know I posted about this issue before but have yet to find a solution for the issue. Any help is much appreciated.


I’'ve tracked down the source of the issue to an issue with the capitalization of the room name. I am looking then when i do a #getOccupant() for Roomname@conference.server/me when the packet that is stored as sent back from the server as roomname@conference.server/me. I dont know if this is a valid issue to be fixed but in my opinion either all room names should be lowercased when created or when a room is created with an uppercase letter an error should be thrown up.

If only to save people the headache in the future of tracking down what the heck is going wrong because i know it took me quite a while to track this issue down.