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Issue closing and restarting Spark

Any time I or any of our users close out of Spark we are not able to reopen it. The program appears to close out as normal but the spark.exe process continues to run in the background. If I try to reopen the program nothing happens. Once I manually end the spark .exe process, then I can relaunch the client as normal.

We’re using a local database of Openfire 3.9.3 and our users are using Spark 2.6.3 (I’m actually using Spark 2.7 and I have the same problem)

We are all using Windows 7 Enterprise x86 SP1.

So far, I have tried:

uninstalling and reinstalling.

deleted the application roaming profile in the appdata folder

tried starting Spark with “run as administrator”

tried running the installer with “run as administrator”

Does anyone one have any thing else I might try?

I have been searching around here but haven’t found anything that worked yet.


Joe C.

So after posting this, I discovered that when closing Spark, it continues to run in the “Notification Area”. I guess now I need to determine how to get it to actually close when I “X” out of the program

Spark (and majority of other messenging programs, e.g. Skype, Pidgin, etc.) is constantly running, and the X button in the Roster window only closes the Roster window. This is by design, because it is usually expected for messenger to run constantly on the background. To change this you will have to change the source code and compile your own version of Spark (source is available on Github). Or you can inform your users, that in order to exit Spark they can go to menu Spark > Exit, or right click the icon in the Notification Area and select Exit.