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Issue with choosing specific Shared Contact groups

Hi Guys,

Im having an issue regarding having shared rosters. I would like to be able to limit certain certain shared rosters to certain groups and the way it is set up now, the “Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups:” has all of the shared rosters listed under it and there is no way to remove them unless you just set the shared roster to not share at all, which i wouldnt rather do. Is there a way to pick and choose which rosters to give a certain group?. Thanks in advance.

Brian Gonzalez

try not to remove, but to select groups holding Ctrl. yes, it’'s not really convinient to isolate groups like that. Advanced Isolating feature is planed by developers, but so far this is the only way.

hi i tried this and that didnt seem to work. Have you confirmed that it works?

i’'m using it at my work JM installation. Example:

Group A (have to be in all other rosters)

Group B1

Group B2

Group B3 (these three have to be in each other rosters but invisible to Group A)

so i go to every group Settings:

Group A:

Enable sharing group in rosters

Group Display Name “Group A”

Show group in all users’’ rosters.

Group B1:

Enable sharing group in rosters

Group Display Name “Group B1”

Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups:

Group A

Group B2

Group B3

so i Hold Ctrl and select Group B2 and Group B3, press Save Settings. And now members of Group A dont see Group B1 in their roster. The same way you hide Group B2 and Group B3. You know, there is no removing from roster, but you can decide who can see group. As i said, i think this is not very convinient with large number of groups. So devs are planning to implement some more convinient “hiding” system.

I hope i understood you correctly

That works thanks!