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Issue with Cross Domain Chat Allowed to Connect Setting

Hey there,

I am currently running an Openfire Server (version 4.0.3) in our Domain and trying to get it to talk to other openfire servers in another Domain. I have had our network engineers create firewall rules for the appropriate IP Address’s using port 5269. After doing that I still cant add services from the other domains. I have noticed on our openfire server that the “Allowed To Connect” Setting has no option selected. I select the “Anyone” option but after logging out and then logging back in, or if I go to another menu and then come back to the “Server To Server” screen it doesn’t retain that setting and goes back to having no options selected. I have tried restarting services etc and the setting is still not retained. Is this a bug or known issue? Has anyone else ever experienced this while trying to set up cross domain functionality?



What do you mean by '‘add services from the other domain’? How are you attempting to establish the server 2 server (s2s) connection? Also, please try this with a current release of Openfire 4.1.5.

As an aside, Openfire 4.2.0 will have an built in server 2 server connection debugging console, see OF-159

I will update openfire to 4.1.5 first as i’ve just read that 4.0.3, the version we are currently on has a bug with the Server 2 Server Connection page.