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Issue with getting groups to work

First I would say Love the app works great. I’m having a problem adding names to a group. any name that I type in from my user list will not be found. Is there soemthing specificly that I’m doing wrong. i would like to have an in-house list of the people using my chat so that everyone doesn’t have to add everyone else to there contacts.

Thanks for any time spent on this.



Just to clarify your problem, are you attempting to add users to your shared roster via the admin console? If so, are those users local on your server?

Do you have " Enable contact list group sharing" checked?


Create a group on the server (or LDAP server if using LDAP) add all users to this group. In the openfire admin site goto the Users/Groups tab and find the group. Share this group by giving it a name and scope. On their next login or Spark refresh the users will have the group in their roster.

Yes I am attempting to do this through the admin console. I have it running with a Wamp Server, and Open Fire running and it seems to work just fine. I just need a way to add all the contacts to everybody’s list quickly.

The users have been added via the admin console, and all appear to be working ok. As far as, being local to the server, I’m not excatly sure, but I would go with yes. Because everything is on my machine for this and the intranet that I have built for them.

I just need a way to add a full contact list of users to everyones contact list.

If you know of a way that this can be done quickly I would apprecate it. right now my only solution is to use the search in the client IM with a wildcard to pull every user. The wildcard doesn’t seem to work in the admin.

Thanks for any more time spent on this guys,


that’s what I was trying to do. The admin doesn’t seem to be able to locate my users even though they have been entered by the admin console, and can connect to the server from remote locations…

When in the admin console for openfire do you see the list of users under the Users/Groups tab? This is where you should be making the group just to be clear.

Yes all Users appear in that tab.

I have added them in the console, and people are able to connect.

I can also add groups.

It’s the search that is causing the problem.

If there is any other way to make a contact list please let me know.



Unfortunately it is a very manual process if you are not using a directory service to populate users and groups. you can make it so that new users are added to a certain group when they register.

Yeah I was just tooling about today in there, and I noticed that I can add a user that is NOT already a user added by the admin to a group, but users that have been added via the admin console don’t appear as valid accounts… thanks for all the help so far.


Ok I have attached a series of images showing how to do this sort of. View them in order starting with ScreenShot005. They start with my list of users.

The last step would be to check radio button “Enable contact list group sharing” and set display name (“Enter contact list group name”). This will work if only one group is in use. With more groups you would probably need to check checkbox “Share group with additional users” and select appropriate radio button below.

I figured it out. I had the names of each account as the email account and it won’t escape special characters… simple fix re-enter the login names without special characters… I was instructed to make everyones login there email…

I’m sure there is documentation for this, I just most likely didn’t find it…

Thanks for all the helps Amigos…