Issue with hover/avatar - points

Is it just me or do you also see on the left site “8,957 Points • KeyContributor” for every mouseover hover popup? The number matches the number of points I currently have and not the number of points the user has (Jabba has 9pts). Also “•” looks bad.

I’m seeing the same thing, although the number of points is different. I think the popover shows the point total of the person that’s looking, not the person that’s looked at?

Here you go:

They fix some issues and introduce new ones…

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So, Jive support has disabled status level module as it is old and not supported anymore. And they propose updating to Jive Rewards

But i’m not sure we really need this. It is pity to lose KeyContributers badges though. So, should we re-enable the not supported status level module and have wrong popups? Should we leave it as it is now (no points, no badges, though, i hope points are still awarded behind the scenes, so anti-spam threshold would still work), or try that dandy Jive Rewards? But it may be lots of work configuring that (all the badges, levels, quests, etc.). Actually turning off most of the stuff as i don’t see much value in our context (giving points for filling out profiles, creating blogs, questions, connections - only another backdoor for spammers to get through anti-spam settings). So, updating to new system to just strip it down almost completely seems unproductive.

I like the badges. They may motivate users to come back and complete their profile (Offtopic: Press/Analyst seems to be the default job description, we should create a new default Dump/Silly for the bots) or answer questions.

Configuring the levels is done one time, so this should be no big issue.

I have no idea whether there are some default quests for basic badges, this would be nice. Creating our own quests from scratch would indeed take a lot of time.

Do you think users here really care about their profiles and badges? They come here to fix problems and most are gone after that. I don’t see value for this community in filled out profiles. Actually i have created a testing account yesterday andnwas overwhelmed by the number of fields in the form. I think i have already trimmed them down once. Probably got restored after the upgrade. So i stripped it again to just 3 additional fields: company, occupation, location. Though i can live without them. There are getting started and on boarding quests in Jive rewards, but they require creating content, which will only introduce spam. Sorry, don’t see value in this…

Btw, if we are going into Jive Rewards, we will need new images for badges as they have increased sizes. They also give images to use, but we would probably need new one for KeyContributors. I’ve been told that we would be able to strip Rewards system to only use basic features (without quests, only points for some activities, so it would still work for anti-spam threshold).

So, should we pull the trigger with Jive Rewards?

Btw, how do you like the light gray text in the editor? Appears to be an intended change. Go figure

I don’t have a strong preference either way. Users should be able to sign-up without to much hassle, and should be able to somehow distinguish reputable community members from others (to give some more weight to their answers).

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Ok, i will have more time for this in the coming week so i would be able to work out the quirks and maybe put together some minimal quests (to engage, but not to annoy much). Also will look into badges thing. Will ask Jive to update our instance to have Jive Rewards and will see how it goes.

So, the popup issue is fixed and our instance is using Jive Rewards now. There are some default quests and badges, the points were retained and related to the levels. Unfortunately we’ve lost our custom Key Contributor badge. I’ve asked if we can get it back, but i don’t have much hope. And i’m waiting for some pointers from Jive on how can we manage all those quests and badges.

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Oh, i’ve found it. There is the Rewards menu in your personal menu. And it works though Jive site. A bit weird. Will check it out in the coming days.

It really looks weird and I have no idea where the mission badges come from. Just starting to complete the first quest “Onboarding”.

.oO(It may help to read the documentation.)

Emm… Actually, i have deleted the Onboarding quest I fooled around with it, but, it just looks silly. Do we need games here? It is enough to just try to solve various issues and problems here, than just having new users fooling around and posting random things to get points to get some badges. I have also disabled all the badges and quests (to have as less noise as possible) and tried to mirror the points awarded as it was with the older Status Level system. It looks like we will not get Key Contributor badge back.

If you think it would be good to have some of the quests/badges, we can discuss this and probably create a few, which will not just provoke to spam the forums. Maybe we need a separate thread for this.

I’ve been advised to enable Role badge for our Key Contributors group and have selected old icon, so now it shows up near the name and also in the discussion list, not just inside the discussion. But one can only select from a predefined list of titles. So i have selected “Champion” It will show up while hovering over the icon. There is also Expert, but… i’m not an expert in all areas you know, so i think Champion is better.!input.jspa?groupID=1013&s uccess=true

Fine, so we have now the badges back.

@“i’m not an expert in all areas” - That’s the case with all experts, isn’t it? (;

I’m just a bit worrying that i will receive a lot more support requests via PM, if i’ll have the Expert badge This badge was given out for contribution and involvement, which doesn’t always mean expertise. Yeap, it doesn’t mean in all areas, but how will people tell in which area you are an expert by the badge only