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Issue with Kraken IRC gateway or Openfire or Spark

I am running Spark 2.6.3 on Windows XP as my client.

My server is CentOS 5 running Openfire 3.8.1 and Kraken 1.1.3 (Sep 23, 2011)

I have an IRC gateway to freenode set up in Openfire/Kraken.

This is a new configuration for me and I’m not sure where the problem lies. I was using an Exodus client with Openfire 3.7.1, but I was unable to establish a connection between Exodus and Openfire 3.8.x so I switched to Spark.

The issue is that when I double-click (or browse) conference.irc.my.server in the conferences tab in Spark, after several seconds I get an error dialog that says “Unable to retrieve conference information, please try back later” and when I dismiss that dialog, the “Join or bookmark room” window closes. I have tried checking the “Allow MUC room list” box in the Openfire/Gateways/Transport Settings/irc options and it makes no difference.

If I click “Create or join room” in the “Join or bookmark room” window before the error dialog appears, I get the “Create/join” window and that persists even after the error dialog is dismissed so I can proceed to join a freenode channel which works, but I can never see the channel in the “Join or bookmark room” window and I can’t bookmark it which means I have to go through the whole dance every time I want to join the freenode channel.

Does anyone have any advice about this?

Kraken is not supported any more. You may want to check GoJara & Spectrum.im to get IRC working. I have not raised IRC as must feature of GoJara, but will ask the developer to look into it.