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Issue with mod_http_upload (for handling "XEP-0363)

I am using Smack version 4.1.9 in android ** with ejabberd 16.06 and I try to Upload file
but not work.

I talk with ejabberd support (https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/2520) and its right the configuration in the server.
smack have support?

the log:
/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/Media Picker/IMG_2018-07-08-21-02-21-583.jpg12345
07-09 15:32:32.849 17909-18229/com.bimbask.ccp D/SMACK: SENT (1):

I used the java file from this link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35007157/how-to-handle-xmpp-xep-0363-http-file-upload-feature-at-client-side-using-smack

Please use the latest version of Smack which has support for xep363.

OK but in this moment I need a alternative and in the future I change to the last version.
I incorporate the file XEP0363.java in the project and work but not upload file only return the links, the picture not upload in the server!!

the data of picture how I send to server???

Log android:
put: http://aa.com:5443/upload/5355666678/KKKMuegeGudUuFy7ZoJBW0qwE9n2vgKnI1FQ1Edc/_storage_emulated_0_Pictures_Media_Picker_IMG_2018-07-08-21-02-21-583.jpg