Issue with Openfire 4.7.5 and Spark Client 3.0.0 - User Reconnects on Sending Message to Offline User

Hello Openfire Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve encountered a recurring issue when using Openfire 4.7.5 (build ee4395e) in conjunction with Spark Client 3.0.0. Specifically, when a user sends a broadcast or a message to an offline user, the user sending the message receives a notification that their Spark client is reconnecting. Meanwhile, other users observe the sender as having gone offline. The only solution to restore access is to restart the Spark client.

I’ve captured a log file during this issue, and it appears that the problem is related to push notification services. the log file is avaiable for review
openfire.log (266.1 KB)
the user sending the message was Colt, he sent it to joey and travis, travis is offline.

It seems that when the user sends a message to an offline user, the system attempts to use push notification services but encounters an error, leading to the described behavior.

I’ve attached the complete log file for your reference. If anyone has insights into resolving this issue or suggestions for a workaround, I’d greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

You already identified the culprit: the version of the Push Notification plugin that is installed on your server is not compatible with the version of Openfire that you are using.

Either upgrade the plugin to the latest release, or remove it from Openfire. After a restart, your problems should be gone.

I was so close to not needing a forum post :confused:

thanks! updated it and all seems well.

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