Issue with smack data forms

I am attempting to create an app which can send a form from one client to another client using smack data forms,

I have followed the data form example in the smack documentation.The message does come though and I get the complete message stanza in smack debug console.

I have used the smack debug lib and can see the form data coming to the client. I dont see any form getting trying to just print the message sent to client in processMessage() method but i feel controle is not going inside that method.

Obviously I am doing somthing wrong.

Plz find the attached client files and let me know where i am going wrong. Here I am trying to multiply two numbers.

  1. send’s form do get values of a and b.

  2. should send back the values for a and b.

  3. sholud be able to do the multiplication of a and b. (1224 Bytes) (1103 Bytes)