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Issue with Spark client and AstraChat for iOS


It started to show the bug from 2.7.4. Hope this helps.

I don’t see anything related to presence of offline in 2.7.4. 2.7.5 on the other hand had a fix replacing deprecated offline delivery protocol with the new one.


I think you’re right. I just check swift.im and one of their resent bug fix was to fix the self signed ssl cert for the mac osx client! ha!

I wonder who’s iOS and android app they re branded?!


Oh, if Mac OS client is also a Swift re-brand, then the thread author can try they Mac OS version from here and see if it has the same issue Swift Downloads. Maybe it is already fixed. Then someone should ask AstraChat devs to update to the latest Swift version. If this is still an issue, we can ask Swift devs to look into it.


I did not check AstraChat’s version for the Mac OS as I am quite happy with Spark. Their iOS version is the one having issues with the latest version of Spark though.

Duplicate chat messages on client side

Ah, we got confused here with different versions. So iOS one is problematic. Unfortunately we can’t test with it as i don’t have iOS device either.


Yes I also noticed the confusion there upon reading the thread

As mentioned it started with version 2.7.4 of Spark as 2.7.3 did not show that problem.

Do you want me to identify the specific build on 2.7.4 so that you can check what changed?


Do you want me to identify the specific build on 2.7.4 so that you can check what changed?

That would be useful, but you won’t be able to find every build as Bamboo is not saving many builds in its history. Also, build history recently was lost due to wrong setting in Bamboo. Mac has more builds, Install4J only has 5 latest builds, which will only cover 2.7.7 development.

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