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Issue with Spark Contacts when using Openfire on LDAP

I have Openfire configured to connect to AD via LDAP which it does successfully and it pulls down the user groups and pushes them to all of our Spark clients without any issue.

I have discovered that when I copy a user to a group within spark, which they are not assigned to in AD, I cannot remove the copied user. The user does not show as being in the additional group within the Openfire admin console.

I have uninstalled spark, deleted all the program and user config folders, cleared the openfire caches only to reinstall spark and have the user materialize back in both groups once again. Any ideas on how to remove the user form one of the groups?

Solved this entirely by accident. By going to User/Groups>User Search> [Select User] Select “Roster” under the left hand menu and select the user that you want to change the group settings for.

Fixed. Wish they would allow you to alter these settings directly from the spark client though.