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Issue with Spark's "Join Conference Room" button

I work for a school district and I have setup multiple Group Chat Rooms which all of them are listed when I click on the Conferences tab at the bottom but what i am having an issue with is when I click the “Join Conference Room” button only the first conference room listed in that list comes up and I can not get it to display more than that one, it doesn’t even list the ones I have bookmarked except if I click on the conference tab.

i am trying to find a simple way for my teachers to click 1 button and get to a chat room, so any help would be very much appriciated.

I can’t reproduce this with the latest Spark SVN code, so, probably this is already fixed or maybe we need a more specific scenario for the reproduction. I have just created two rooms on my only conference service (test1 and test2). They are listed in Rooms Browser. When i press Join Conference Room button on the Spark’s toolbar i get the same Rooms Browser with test1 and test2 rooms visible.

I think i know what might be happening:

What I have done is gone to Openfire Admin and clicked on Group Chat Settings and added several Group Chat Services. Under each service I have added rooms (each service is a school and the rooms are the different departments). But when I click the button the first service is the only thing listed. I will try and attach some screen shots of the issue to help explain what I am seeing.



I hope this helps

I see. Well, i think Spark is doing like it was designed and it seems logical to show only the selected conference service rooms in a room browser. The button on toolbar is just selecting the first conference service and shows its rooms list. There could be some dialog to select a conference service prior to showing rooms list. But that would make the GUI too cluttered and not so different from the Conferences tab.

If you want to get all rooms in one list, so why to split them to different services?