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Issue with Subscription plugin


  1. I have installed subscription plug-in 1.2.0 with openfire 3.3.0.

  2. Set the property to “Accept” & “All”

Problem Scenario

  1. Suppose two user are in openfire: ag1 & ag2.

  2. ag1 is online and ag2 is offline

  3. ag1 adds ag2 in his roster

  4. ag2 is in pending state (It should be in “subscribed” state)

  5. Now ag2 goes online

  6. ag1’'s roster got “subscribed” packet

  7. and ag2 got the ag1 in his roster as “pending” state

Expected behaviour

  1. when ag1 adds ag2 in his roster

  2. ag2 should be in ag1’'s roster as “subscribed” state, regardless of ag2 is online or offline.

  3. when ag2 becomes online

  4. ag1 should be in his roster as “subscribed” state

Please fix this issue ASAP.

Thanks in advance,

Jitendra Chittoda

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Hi Jitendra,

I agree that this behavior is really odd - and as the source code contains only some lines I wonder if it worked with old versions.

As this is one of Ryans plugins he may have some more ideas about this.


Hi Jitendra,

I agree, something is definitely amiss.

I looked at the code and it appears a couple of lines might have been removed accidentally during the last round of refactoring. I’'ll do some testing and report back with my findings. Stay tuned!



I have fixed the issues with the subscription plug-in. And tested with the Openfire 3.3.3

Just need to know, where i can submit the modified code-base of the plug-in ?


Jitendra Chittoda