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Issues Installing Spark Client 2.8.3


I am working on rolling out spark chat for our company and I am running into some issues with installing the client on our RDS Server Farm. We have 6 servers that I need to get the client installed on but when I attempt to install it I receive an error stating An internal error occurred (Error code:20). I also am receiving the same error when I am installing the client on my desktop computer. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Do you install version bundled with Java or without? I would guess some other software like antivirus or such is interfering. Such errors are rare and hard to reproduce unfortunately. Also try downloading installers from another PC. Maybe it just got corrupted somehow. Compare sha1 checksum after downloading to make sure installer is intact. Spark 2.8.3 Released

It was our AV blocking the install I have resolved this issue. Thanks for the help

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