Issues : some clues cause High CPU in Openfire

Some steps below to cause high CPU when using http-bind

I tested in MUC, with 50 chatters who are sending messages in room , Openfire 3.6.4 , OS Ubuntu (I think Openfire 3.7.1 also get the same this issue)

      Step 1. Firstly, I run fiddler2 ([]( to track of request/response packet via http-bind

Step 2. Secondly, joining in room with any client (http-bind).

Step 3. And then, watching fiddler2 app, you will see all packets(request/response) from client to server (or otherwise).

Step 4. Only close fiddler2 app immediately , if client is waiting the response packet from server after client sent poll message to server.

Step 5. Check your server (Ubuntu) , using Top shell

CPU will show 99% (used)

Step 6. Do step 2 to 4 in case CPU still normal. After several times, server will get high CPU.

My production servers often get high CPU within one week.

I hope some clues will help to fix this issue



The issue cause high cpu reffered in link

Solution : So, if you hit this bug, try updating to jetty 7.5.3 and it will (probably) be solved.


Hm. I have already filed a ticket to update to 7.5.1 a few days ago. Maybe it is worth considering to update to even newer version. OF-481