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Issues with Base DN info


I have been having issues with my base dn for the openfire install, we have several OU’s I wish to cover then all for the connection, when I use the dn of DC=mycompany,DC=com it get a connection but get no users show up on the mapping screen and the error “No users were found using the specified configuration”. Is there any small apps that I could use to get this info that would cover the OUs in question?

Thank you

Go one deeper. You say:

we have several OU’s I wish to cover then all
Are all these OU’s located within the people OU? If so, try adding OU=“People”. So, something like: OU=“People”,DC=“mycompany”,DC=“com”

Hi and thanks,

tried that no change

here what I used, OU=sales,DC=“soa”,DC="com, I got the connection but doing a test on the users gave me the error “No users were found using the specified configuration. Try changing the base DN, user filter or username field”

I at a point wether to create a new OU and move users to that I would rather not but need to get this up and running

What OU is your sales OU inside of? Have you tried using “” around OU names, like OU=“sales” etc.? You’ll also need to play with the user filter as well.

I had a pretty tough time getting the LDAP query just right the first time too, you just gotta keep trying different things if you don’t know LDAP that well. Alternatively, you could do a little more research into LDAP.


should be


you dont need the " they make it fail I find (although unde the properties in the web console it will show the "'s

oh and make sure you get the case’s right on the OU names as that can have an effec too