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Issues with Data Forms XEP-0004


I am attempting to create an app which can send a form to a user, I have followed the data form example in the smack documentation, and sending it to my user logged into spark IM client. I have tired quite a few clients and none of then are displaying the form, the message does come though and I get the body “To enter a case please fill out this form and send it back to me” as copied straight from the example. Obviously I am doing somthing wrong, or there is some security considerations I am not familiar with. I have used the smack debug lib and can see the form data coming to the client.

I think i have 4 questions i would like the answer to.

  1. Is there any security concerns when sending forms to IM clients, and if so what is the proper way to make it work?

  2. Is spark capable of displaying forms? And if not what would be a IM client which does?

  3. Is the spark source available, or are there any tools available so I can debug the client?

  4. Does anyone know of any good resources/example to help me with developing with form data?

If anyone could help that would be much appreciated. Thanks