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Issues with Fastpath Web Chat setup

I can not get Fastpath Web Chat to work by adding the button on a webpage hosted somewhere else.

We use a workgroup setup so no FQDN for the server. I can use our public IP ‘http://...:9090/webchat/’ and everything works great! The problem is, when I put the button on a existing website (hosted somewhere else). I get nothing when I click the button.

xmpp.domain is the name of my server which is simply named server2.
copied webchat.war to a Webapps directory at our host.
I have ports 9090 & 5222 opened. Do I need 5222 or any others?

Here is the code that I’ve included on the webpage:


Any thoughts?

Could someone…anyone give me a little guidence on this or at least some idea? I know I must be missing just 1 little peice of the puzzle.

Anyone…any help. The info that I am finding within the community is not helping.