Issues with FCM Push notification integration on Smack

I want to trigger FCM notifications for every message sent. I have installed Open Fire Push Server plugin and have added all the required firebase credentials.

The next step is Registering Devices
I am stuck at it. I am not sure how to register the devices for FCM through. I am using the Smack 4.4.6 version.

I am struggling a lot. Can someone please guide me on how to do that? It will be very helpful.

I am aware of PushNotificationsManager.getInstanceFor(connection).enable(pushJid, nodeId) but to get node id, first need to register the device.

@Flow any help please?

I think you need two plugins in Openfire: the Push Server plugin, and the Push Notification plugin.

@guus I have both the plugins installed and set up on OpenFire but the issue is how do I send/register token with openfire. That is not working. I have searched a lot but couldn’t find any guide.

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