Issues with Openfire 3.3.2 on Windows

I seem to be having issues with openfire 3.3.2 running on Windows 2k3. I noticed another poster Aelix running on the same platform and I am having very similar issues to him.

  1. Random disconnects of clients, esp. when using Sparkweb - if a user is idle in Sparkweb more than about 2 minutes it boots them to login screen.

  2. Sparkweb does not allow login through SSL (pinwheel of death)

Sparkweb functionality is pretty crucial to my setup. Any help that can be provided would be very helpful.

I’m currently working on the SSL issues. It’s a tricky problem. Currently my suspicion is that Jetty is behaving differently with https in such a way that continuations time out. This causes very long lag times, and reliability problems due to timed out sessions. This is just a hypothesis though, further debugging will be needed to confirm it.