Issues with server-to-server with

Hi, I run a jabber server internally, and s2s with Google’s XMPP service works very well. I have intermittent connectivity issues with people at I found some discussion about it potentially being a DNS issue, so I set my jabber server to use my ISP’s DNS servers just in case.

I continue to have issues with users dropping offline and reporting a status of “404: server not found”. They eventually come back, but sometimes messages are lost, etc.

The jabber server is behind a NAT router, but the s2s port is forwarded through, and like I said, Google users aren’t a problem.

What am I missing? I see the message below in my error.log at times, but I can always lookup the host that it complains about.

2010.03.21 13:31:39 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.session.LocalOutgoingServerSession.createOutgoingSes
sion(] Error creating secured outgoing session to remote server
: lookup: Read timed out

Any help?



Hi Dan, has a DNS TTL of 1 minute and if I try multiple nslookup I often get a timeout. As has a DNS problem there’s little one can do. Anyhow OF-152 describes a property you can set to avoid the DNS lookups.


Hmm, okay, thanks. Maybe it would help if I put a /etc/hosts entry for and hope that it doesn’t change?