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Issues with signed SSL certificate and client connection


I have successfully installed the latest Openfire server version 4.2.3 on an Ubuntu 16.04 server with Java 8. Everything works fine with the only exception of secure connection between client and server. I have a valid DigiCert Inc certificate for my hostname / domain name. The certificate has been successfully imported into Openfire via Admin Panel. The admin panel is using this certificate and the green lock on my browser is set fine without any error. Spark and my android app ‘conversations’ is showing a not trusted certificate warning on my DigiCert Certificate. Therefore I have checked the server with ‘IM Observatory’ the right and signed certificate is showing but I get two errors

  1. Error: unable to get local issuer certificate.
  2. Error: unable to verify the first certificate.

I have also imported the issue CA Root Certificate without any error but the error is not fixed. Can anyone help on this issue?

The servername and FQDN is the same

Many thanks in advanced

Not sure if same steps required for Spark client. Check out this thread on jitsi-meet app for cert issues.