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Issues xmpp connection after upgrade to Openfire 4.5.0

I’ve updated our openfire version form version 4.2.3 (which had no issues) to 4.5, after the upgrade xmpp clients are unable to connect to the openfire server (while jabber users are still able to connect), i haven’t changed any settings on the openfire before during or after the update and didn’t see any issues on the log files while the DB was modified. i also don’t see any issues on the log files while the XMPP clients are trying to connect.
we preformed the following steps for the upgrade:

  1. uninstalled the old version.
  2. installed the new RPM
  3. updated the openfire.xml file with the (new type, com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver) DB connection and added the new FQDN tag
  4. started the service.

system details:
OS: CnetOS7
xmpp client library: JsJac 1.4


XMPP and Jabber are the same technology (XMPP is just a newer name). So, you mean that client using JsJac library can’t connect anymore? If any other client connects, can be a problem with this library. Given the fact that 1.4 was released 8 years ago. I mean that Openfire is evolving and clients have to be updated too.

Were you using the same Java version with 4.2.3?
Is there any error log in JsJac client?
I think you should still check Openfire logs for anything relevant or just post the whole log or the snippet while trying to login with that client (just mask sensitive information in it). openfire/logs/all.log should have all logs.