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Item-not-found error while retrieving item from node

Hi All,

I am trying to test openfire support for pub using smack client libraries. I have downloaed the test cases src from following link: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SMACK-272. When I try to run these test cases I am getting item-not-found when i try to search for item.

XML request stanzas while adding item was as follows:

Server response:

But when I try to search for this item(id=‘First-1251098770220’), I am getting following response:




Try using this pubsub extension for Smack. I have tested that particular scenario with this library and it worked as expected. I am in the process of having the contents of this library integrated with Smack, so hopefully that will happen soon.

BTW, your error message indicates that an attempt to retract (delete) an item without the id being set was attempted and of course failed. Check the matching request stanza in the smack debug window. It looks like you are not sending what you think you are sending.

Good luck.

node.send( items ) api. But I haven’t set the max_items as a part node configuration. It was just adding last item in the list and not all. When I have configured max_items it started working as expected.

Thanks for quick replay. Now my issue is resolved. This is happening because I was trying to add multiple multiple items to node using

Ah, yes, that is a known bug on the server. You currently have to have the max_items set or persistence doesn’t work.