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It''s state question members of groups

In 2.1 jivemessenger,i setted three groups,it’'s right in display Groups and user in groups,but user in other groups is unable to show online state normally.my client is exodus,only i ‘‘send visible’’ to user,it could see me.is it a bug?


The feature was added at the last minute so it’‘s possible there are some bugs. We’'ll do more testing and let you know what we find.



Have you tried using a different client? Like JBother. I am having the same problem using GAIM but my presence status shows up correct for all the groups using JBother.

Not trying to suggest you should switch clients or anything but at least that would help us know if its an issue with particular clients.

i tried to JBother,it is same problem with exodus.it can’‘t display real time state in other groups’’ users.

just a problem as follow:)

I have a setup similar to the following :

Group A




Group B




Group A,Group B choice enable sharing group in rosters and show group in all users’’ rosters.my client is exodus,First user1

login into messsenger2.1.1,user1 can see all share groups and users in share groups.Second user4 login into messsenger2.1.1,user4 can also see all share groups and users in share groups,furthermore user4 view user1 online in rosters,But user1 can’'t see user4 online in rosters. that is to say user in other groups is unable to show online state ,Users in others share groups who sign on do not show up on my list unless i sign off and be back.Client Jbother is same in this problem.

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the detailed bug report. I was able to reproduce it and I’'m not fixing it. I created a new issue for this: JM-148.


– Gato

Hey guys,

All the reported problems and others issues that I found have been fixed. So feel free to download and test the next nightly build.


– Gato

Problem is solved,thanks.