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I've finished installing Openfire, but what's the account to log in

after installing openworks, i need to log in. but i didn’t remember i’ve set any information of user.

what should i text. what’s the username and password for? System?

i just remembered when installing, email should be filled in. but no username of Admin.

the default username is admin. the default password is admin. It does prompt you for a password during setup so if you set one use that.

Hi at all,

i have the same problem, i install openfire on ubuntu server 8.04, all works fine, but when i try login in web admin i receive error…

***Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator. ***

The last step of installation required an e-mail address for administrator and a password. I remember perfectly this password, but when i type this, return the error report upside.

Can run the installation process another time? or Can change the admin password? (embedded db)

Thanks at all.

to rerun the setup again, stop the server and edit the openfire.xml file’s setup tag to read false

Thanks a lot, it’s right!!!

For other users:

  • file openfire.xml (in ubuntu server 8.04) itìs in /etc/openfire
  • i need to reboot server for rerun setup (after modify the file openfire.xml, i restart the service openfire but this don’t rerun setup…)

Otherwise the setup request old admin password, i type password, and new password, and setup finish in correct way, but in login web page i can’t login, i have another time the error report upside.

My environment: Openfire 3.6.4, ubuntu server 8.04, embedded db and java 5… (Need java 6?)

I read in another post other users have the same problem, using mysql or postgresql… it’s a bug?