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Jabber account

Hi everybody

Well i needsome information about jabber accounts i need a jabber acout to open with “Psi” I’‘m havin a little problem getting a jabber account i’‘ve read that i need a server to make the account and then a client to open your account, is this the way or what do i do. i’'ve downloaded openfire server does this is necessary??

or can some one explain me how???

My mail is fran_mv@msn.com pls contact me i realy need the account

A client is program for end users. A server is program which coordinates communication between the clients and other servers. Openfire is a server software. Psi is a client software.

If you just want to use Jabber (just chat with other jabber users, use public transports, …), you will only need a Jabber client. You can create an account on one of the many public servers in the world. (e.g jabber.org, amessage, … list of public servers)

If you want to create your own server, so that other users can create their account on your server, only than you will need a software like openfire.