Jabber AD


I am looking for a client to go along with my Jive Messenger that will allow the windows user to be logged in automatically upon startup.

Any ideas?


We use Exodus, though there should be more clients able to do that. At least turn on on startup can be handle by some batch script.

Right, but then I need the client to log in the user automatically by looking at who they are logged in as.



The only client and server combination I’'m aware of that handles this is Coversant (server) and Pandion (client). Coversant has a re-branded vs of Pandion as their client as well. If this is a critical need for you, check out Coversant (http://www.coversant.net) and tell them we sent you.

We’‘d like to support this feature in a future Jive Messenger release, but haven’'t figured out all the specifics yet of how to do so (JM-281).



Interesting. I wonder whether Exodus will support that someday Would be great, as we’'re planing to deploy AD someday. Just have to find some spare time to test everything.

okay, thanks for all the help!