Jabber Client, Get Message

Hi, I am creating a chat project in Delphi Pascal, with Jabber and Open Fire. The oldest version is this:

But when I try received messages from others clients, like spark, I get only trash and no message, like the picture:
in this picture, I receive when the other client types.

A part of the code:

So I would like to know if the message protocol has changed in OpenFire and how do I receive it?

Thanks in advance

in this I received a message, but the same of the before.

I can only imagine that the code is displaying the wrong property of a message that it receives. I have not investigated the implementation (as that’s rather large, undocumented and written in a language that I do not master).

The protocol that is implemented by Openfire to send and receive chat messages is called XMPP. You can find its specifications in XMPP | Specifications

I suspect that RFC-6121 is of most interest to you, particularly section 5.

Thanks for help!

The apps did arent in the same encoder version of text.
My application was also detecting signs that the other person was writing and playing in the chat, I resolved that.
Thanks really for the help.