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Jabber Client on Windows Terminal Server

I am attempting to run the spark client on a windows terminal server. There is one anomaly that I hope there is a fix for.

When multiple people are logged into the server, sometimes a message sent from one user often shows up at the receiver’'s end as if multiple users have sent the same message.

I understand that the information is being sent on the same port, is there any way to dynamically assign the port so that it’'s different for every instance of the software? Or to make sure that a msg from user1 to user2 is flagged as from user1 only, not just generically ip address:port number?

Aside from this boggling issue, the program is wonderful.

Thanks for any help.


Hi David,

if this is really a problem with the ports then it is a likely a Windows or a Java and not a server or client issue. Injecting data in an open TCP connection is possible but very hard. So I guess that it’'s not a problem with the same IP:ports but a client or server issue.

Which Spark version and which xmpp server are you using?


Whatever’'s hot out of the oven, I downloaded and started testing today - wildfire server and spark client.


Are you using the Spark client? I just installed and am testing the latest Wildfire server and Spark client on a Windows 2000 terminal server, and it seems to be working fine. I’'ll try to watch this thread for updates.