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Jabber+ICQ transport


Please, help me to solve some problem with jabber

I have a jabber-server (ver 1.4). I have not my own ICQ gateway(transport). Can I use any other public gateway to ICQ? What should I do with my jabber.xml? What any other action should i do?

Thank you for answers.

To extend this question:

Is it possible in JM (or maybe other servers) to register with transport on a remote server via s2s connection?


I think you can’‘t without having the transport password, and I don’'t know if a server can connect to a transport.

Indeed, the client can’'t use any other server (jabber.dk for example, or some server with ICQ transport enabled) without having to have a account on this server.


Actually, many public servers are configured to allow clients on different servers register with their transports. Some require that you login to their server to access the transports though. Experiment to find one that works well for you.

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