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Jabber "Message delivery error (Code 403)" when accessing chat room

I’'ve installed Wildfire 2.6.2 for a school classroom on a Fedora FC4 server using an RPM, and the installation went through without a problem. I am using the Gaim 1.5.0 client to connect, and I am able to chat one-on-one with other users, and they can receive messages sent from the Admin console. Users can also connect to a chat room that was created, but they receive the following error when they try and post anything to the chat room:

Jabber Message Error[/b]

Message delivery to chatroom@myinternaldomain.org

failed: (Code 403)

I thought the issue might be due to a file permissions error, so I chmoded everything to 777 for testing purposes. No change.

I set the debugging options in Wildfire but haven’'t seen anything logged at the specific time when the error occurred.

Is there a step I might be missing?

I’‘m fairly new to Wildfire, so any help would be greatly appriciated. If I have left out any helpful information I’'ll be glad to provide it.

Mr. “C”

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your MUC / conference service should be chatroom@conference.myinternaldomain.org (see /muc-server-props-edit-form.jsp for the name if you like to change it to chat.myinternaldomain.org)


I neglected to list the “conference” portion at the beginning of the domain name in my initial post. I took your suggestion to verify that it was there, and it was.

One thing I isolated further; the room Admin is able to post to the room without problem but not the other users.

Any other ideas of what could be the problem?

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did you configure the room?

Did you make it moderated or something like this?

Did you create it using gaim or the Wifi web admin console?


I made some further discoveries. The problem seemed to disappear when I removed the “moderated” option. Also, admin doesn’'t seem to have problems with anything, while end-users do.