Jabber MomentIM cannot connect to Openfire 3.9.3

The project I work on requires the use of Jabber MomentIM. MomentIM was functional with Openfire 3.6.4. I upgraded to Openfire 3.9.3 and MomentIM is no longer functional, it cannot connect to Openfire. I installed other Jabber clients (spark, psi, pidgin) and all connected to Openfire 3.9.3. Any ideas on the issue? I also installed the client plugin and selected to allow all clients. I looked at the list of clients that can be blocked and I do not see Jabber MomentIM on the list. Although I selected to allow ALL clients, I’m now wondering if Openfire 3.9.3 allows MomentIM to connect? I saw a list of clients that it recognizes and can be blocked and Jabber MomentIM was not on the list. Any ideas? Thanks.

Ishio wrote:

. Any ideas? Thanks.

Yes, log files are your friends.


We did look at log files but we could see any issues and that’s why I went on this forum to find other ideas.

without any log files, it will be difficult for anyone to give you ideas on why a client designed for the Jabber XCP server is having difficulty connecting to openfire.