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Jabber Newbie Problem

Okay, I am a complete newbie to Jabber in general and I need a little help getting started. Here’'s where I am at so far:

  1. I have been using Gaim for AIM messaging for some time now. I heard about Jabber a while back and recently started working with Jive.

  2. I have setup Jive to authenticate against WinNT (I have an installation which authenticates against LDAP and sees to have the same problems) which seems to work fine. I setup an account in Gaim and my NT users login just fine.

  3. When I try to “instant message” any users, nothing happens. I tried creating rooms and groups and I can’‘t seem to be able to join them or do anything besides simply login. I’‘m sure I am just missing some simple Jabber fundemental, but I really don’'t know enough about it to be sure. Can someone help me out? Thanks.


as about rooms, default MUC service name is “conference” so room address would be room@conference.example.com

I saw your post and I am having the exact problem. I however am using the internal db and not connecting to an LDAP.

Were you able to get this thing working?

Look forward to hearing from you.

have you read KB doc which i gave a link to? You have to add users in your client’'s roster as username@servername.

To join a room you have to specify its address like roomname@conference.servername. roomname is the Room ID in Jive Messenger. Conference is a default chat service name which you can change. In some clients you have to specify roomname and conference.servername separately.