Jabber On My Motorola Q Cell Phone ****WORKS****

I just wanted to share a free way to get IM on your Windows Mobile 5 cell phone.

Download http://www.agilemobile.com/downloads.html free Alpha

You should use format like @[server]:[port] ex jsmith@my.jabberserver.com:5222

Works like a charm.

One problem, it will not work with SSL. Can anyone help?

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Looks nice!

We are using http://www.movsoftware.com/products/imov/imov.htm

on QTEK9100 & WindowsMobile 5 and this works also great incl. SSL.

However the Agile Messenger has a nicer GUI.



That is what I wanted because of the SSH but there is no Q support.

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Hi there,

I am running Wildfire 311 on a server and am trying to conect to it from a Windows Mobile 5 unit.

I have tried iMov + Agile messenger but cannot connect at all…

I can connect to the Internet and ping the real world IP of the server (from zaTelnet on the unit) and can log in with no problems using Spark on a desktop PC…

Should I be formatting my login in a different format?

Any clues where I can look next would be appreciated…