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Jabber Resource ID ? Multiple Logins?

Hey –

I’'m new to the whole “Jabber” concept, however from my readings it sounds as though the JID combined with the Resource ID makes up your online entity - this, combined with the settings on Wildfire determine what happens during a resource collision.

Two questions:

If i had 2 jabber clients, with different “resource id’'s”, can they be logged in simultaneously? If so - are they listed separartely on a rosteR?

Also, is there any way to change the resource Id Spark uses?



Hi Colby,

is there any way to change the resource Id Spark uses?

Yes, you may select one before login if you select “Advanced”.

One can login with one JID and as many resources as one likes. You’‘ll see just the JID (user@host) in your client, that’‘s the desired way. I think it would be no real help to see JID/home JID/work because you don’'t know whether your buddy is at work or at home.

The client should be able to set it’'s priority, based on it the server decides whether the client will receive the send messages or not. I think Spark does not offer this feature, so the Spark client which did send the last message will receive the messages.