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Jabber-server capacity question

we have ejabberD server at work, we just wrote an applet for it, and now I need to find out the capacity of the server to hold a large no. of accounts (above all capacity to retrieve accts if there is a large no. of accts in it);

jabber servers only allow one session per user, but we need to allow one user to be connected to more than one MUC at a time, so what we want to do is add some nos. or sthg to username (i.e., create a new acct for user) when user loggs in again in a diff browser window while they’‘re already logged in (right now if they do this they get disconnected from 1st session); but in this way a large no. of accounts would accumulate in server fast; I’'m trying to find out if anybody knows if server will slow down (I mean acct retrieval) if there is a large no. of accounts in server (in db, I guess it is…) and more or less what limit is… (b/c in that case we would need to delete accts more than, say, two weeks old or something…)

thank you…

Hola Kali,

Regarding ejabberd scalability you may have more answers if you make this question in the ejabberd’‘s forums. Anyway, you can use the same connection to join the same user to many rooms. You don’'t have to create a new connection for each room, just create many MultiUserChat with the same connection instance and pass the room name as the parameter in the constructor.


– Gato

a ver a ver… como es esto Gato… I’'m trying to understand what you mean here… “pass room name in parameter to constructor…” I think that is what I do…

conn = new XMPPConnection(server, port);

TheChatRoom = new MultiUserChat(conn, theRoom);


is this what you mean… muchas gracias…