Jabber server setup

Hey guys, I’m totally lost in trying to get this figured out. I’ve searched through the forums and all over Google for an answer. It seems I might be getting over my head.

Basically, I just need to set up a very simple Jabber server for inter-office IM via iChat. I have a total of 4 users that need to be able to send each other messages as well as having the ability to send out a global message to all systems.

I’ve been through the setup guide but I’m not getting anywhere with this. Any help would be appreciated.


Need more details, where are you getting stuck, what OS are you running the server on.

Maybe you did not find the Installation Guide, it’s a bit hidden.

I’m running OF on Mac OS 10.5.2.

I have OF installed on my desired “server”, I set up my 4 users in the Admin control panel. Set my server to spots.local. Now when I try to connect my iChat client, I get the error message: “The server has unexpectedly disconnected”.

I’m sure I’m missing some step in the server setup but I have yet to find Mac OS setup instructions for n00bs.