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Jabber servers architecture


New to Jive, I need your expertise to build a reliable architecture for business use.

I’'ve one big location here (600 users : R&D/Marketing/…) and several users located anywhere in the world (others R&D sites) + external people (suppliers/customers/…)

I need the possibility for all people to chat with each others (one to one, private rooms, …)

What will be the best for us ? Jive / others daemons ?

Can they talk to each others ?

What are the servers requirements in terms of number of users ?

Thanks in advance for your ideas



You could easily handle this number of users on a single Jive Messenger server. You’'d also need to use a single server, since Jive Messenger does not currently support server to server (s2s) communication.

Once you have a server running, users can chat individually or in group chat rooms.