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Jabber to Mxit protocol communication

Hi everyone.

Im currenly running a server Openfire 3.6.4 as my jabber server. I have a bot programmed in java using the Smack api. There is communication between my bot and pidgin 2.5.8 MXit Plugin 2.1.1 using the server I’m running.

There are three major problems:
1.Add a mxit contact to jabber
I followed the instructions to add a mxit contact(U select mxit protocol then use number in format of e.g. 27821234567) by adding myself as a contact to pidgin while logged in as a jabber user but it doesnt work. How do solve this?

  1. Creating a mxit account
    I followed the instruction to create an account(using 2782123456 as username and entered my password(not really sure abt password bcoz i tried to get the password by smsing to dat number on the forum but never got my password back))

  2. On my fone using mxit I tried to add a jabber contact(I did this by:Add contact-> Jabber ->enter jabber id(e.g. lol@ and nickname-> then accept).
    This doesnt work.