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Jabber to Mxit protocol communication

Hi ever1

Im currenly running a server Openfire 3.6.4 as my jabber server. I have a bot programmed in java using the Smack api. There is communication between my bot and pidgin 2.5.8 MXit Plugin 2.1.1 using the server I’m running.

However there are three major problems:

1.Add a mxit contact to jabber
I followed the instructions to add a mxit contact(U select mxit protocol then use number in format of e.g. 27821234567) by adding myself as a contact to pidgin while logged in as a jabber user but it doesnt work. How do solve this?

  1. Creating a mxit account
    I followed the instruction to create an account(using 2782123456 as username and entered my password(not really sure abt password bcoz i tried to get the password by smsing to dat number on the forum but never got my password back))

  2. On my fone using mxit I tried to add a jabber contact(I did this by:Add contact-> Jabber ->enter jabber id(e.g. lol@ and nickname-> then accept).
    This doesnt work.