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Jabber User Authentication


We’'re here planning a finacial website with a community part and I thought about using wildfire and a customized jwchat as a communication plattform.

If I recall correctly it is possible with drupal to do the user authentication with jabber, I think it’'s a nice idea. Does anyone has information about that? Where is the user profile saved (I only found the usernames and passwords in the database)? Would it be hard to implement?

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The authentication and user managment systems of Wildfire are completly plugable. If drupal uses a database that is compatible with JDBC there is a JDBC AuthProvider that may fit your needs.

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Drupal stores user id, password, and profile in the drupal_users table. The password is stored as an MD5 hash.so you’'ll need this patch to the JDBC Auth Provider: JM-704

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