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Jabberd2 to Wildfire Migration

Are there any tools/scripts to migrate users and rosters from jabberd2 to wildfire?

Are you using postgres for the jabberd2 database? If so, I have a script which dumps the accounts and buddies to a XML file which can be imported into Jive.

For the chatrooms, I just manually created them by hand.


I am running mysql, however i’'d be interested in seeing the script you have.


I’‘m not certain how to attach files to this forum, so I’'ve posted the script here.


Note, the script is ignorant on the buddy status. It just assumes everybody in the roster is authorized.



Would you mind re-posting your script or emailing it to me? I could really use it.

Thank you.

I ended up writing a php page using adodb that took the mysql db, and converted it into the properl xml form for importing using the import/export plugin.


Here is a more stable address:



Thank you very much!