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JabberHTTPBind Without Tomcat

Ok, I know that this can be done using Tomcat; however, I’‘d rather go do the drop in the plugin, tweak something in one of thos magic files and havee it work path. Apparently, it’‘s possible to make jhb work somewhat like a plugin … however, I’‘ve not had much luck and I can’‘t seem to figure what I’‘m missing that destroys my admin console each time. These are the only two threads that have any clues and I’'m stumped. If someone out there has a solution, I would be grateful.

Here’'s the one where someone found it: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=115177#115177

And here’‘s the one where I’'m found that someone else is doing it as well:


Is there no one out there that has any idea on how to make this work without blowing up server after server? I’'m on my 30th reload trying to make this happen.